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Spring Boating Expo-Thursday Mar 13th-Sunday Mar 16th  Suburban Showplace


Grand Rapids Cottage Show-  Friday Mar 28th- Sunday Mar 30th Devos Place


Michigan’s ShoreStation Dealer


If you are looking for a ShoreStation Boat Hoist or accessories look no further. Diversified Docks & Lifts is proud to offer a full line of Genuine ShoreStation Hoists, ShoreStation Docks, ShoreStation Accessories. ShoreStation Hoist are designed to lift anything from a small fishing boat all the way up to the 7000 lb. cruisers. There are also models available for your Jet-Ski’s and other PWC’s, as well as a complete line of ShoreStation Canopy Covers and aftermarket replacement canopies.

Marine Construction Service


At Diversified we understand the importance of safeguarding your shoreline against erosion. We are pleased to help you in finding a solution to this problem.  Our seawalls are a time tested structure that removes this worry from your mind. Whether you have heavy ice shift and large wave action, or no ice shift and calm waters. We will be able to find the best way to preserve you waterfront property.

Before                                                                                                               During






During                                                                                                             After










Steel Sea Walls







 Steel and Galvanized Steel Seawalls

This option of our Seawall products and services, can be used in almost all bodies of water. Large wave action and heavy ice shift will no longer be of any concern to your shoreline. With unmatched durability and strength, Steel Seawalls maintain their structural integrity for 25+ years and remain rust free for that duration of time. Galvanized seawalls, give your shoreline protection, while providing a very clean and uniform look to your waterfront.




Vinyl Seawalls

Better suited for bodies of water that have little no ice shift or large bodies of water that are protected from the ice in some areas. Vinyl is a great alternative to your more conventional options. Being a composite material, it will not rust or rot, and will keep its color for years to come. Giving your shoreline years of eye pleasing protection.











Boulders and Rip Rap Seawalls

This seawall option gives your shoreline a very natural look when preventing erosion. Under-laid by a layer of filter fabric that helps prevent washout. When placed appropriately and watched over boulder seawalls will last for a lifetime.  Boulder seawalls can be made with many types of rock, because no shoreline is the same, each boulder will be placed to fit to your waterfront, giving your waterfront a secure and unique appearance.




Boat Houses



























Cut In Boat Houses
















Starr Canopies


Need a replacement canopy for your boat or PWC lift? Whether you own a Starr boat hoist or PWC lift, or a boat lift from any other manufacturer, Starr Industries makes aftermarket canopies that fit almost any lift on the market today! These lift canopies are available in two fabric options, regularly tested for tear strength, abrasion resistance, coating adhesion, stitch and seam strength, cold flex and wind whip – in order to create the highest quality covers for your marine application. Our canopies are come with industry leading 5-7 year warranties.

The Roll In Dock Experience


Roll In Docks are some of the most popular docks that we carry because they are simply the fastest and easiest way to upgrade your waterfront property. Roll in docks are ideally suited to gradual slopes and works well on soft or rocky bottoms. We have a huge selection of rolling wheeled docks from the industries top manufacturers, including Starr, ShoreStation, and more! Also, be sure to check out out our huge selection of Dock Accessories as well.

Dock & Seawall Steps

Starr Dock & Seawall Steps

Climb into and out of the water in both comfort and style with out Dock and Seawall Stairs from Starr Industries. Available in heights ranging from only 16″ up to 48″ in height, and now marked down 20% just in time for the summer! Visit our Starr Dock Parts & Accessories page to check out our pricing options.

New Angled Supports

Angled Under Dock Supports

Starr Industries has released a brand new model of their heavy duty under-dock support system, and we have them in stock! These new angled supports have a wider footprint for even greater stability and a new design that makes adding accessories to your pier setup easier than ever. Designed to work with almost any sectional pier system, these supports are the most stable and versatile on the market today!

Jet-Port Floating PWC Docks


Glide up to summer with a new Personal Watercraft Port from Jet-Ports for fast, easy, and simple parking on the water. Jet Port jet ski boat docks will lift your craft out of the water and free your watercraft from barnacles or algae growth. Jet Port’s dry docking system will also help prevent rusting of your watercrafts jet drive for those powerful Jet ski’s and jet boats. Jet-port’s engineered watercraft float system requires little or none of your conventional boat lift maintenance or wood floating dock maintenance. The lack of motors, cables gears or electricity means your drive-on dock will always work. No greasing, no rusting, rotting wood, or any corrosion. Check out our great selection of Jet-Port PWC Ports & Lifts today and let us improve your jet ski & PWC experience.

SledShed Trailers For Sale


Diversified Docks & Lifts is the best place to find your next new or used SledShed Snowmobile Trailer. Here at Diversified, we always have several used trailers available, quality inspected by our team so that you know they are road safe and certified. Available models and supply subject to change on used trailers, so call us today for information on what we have available.

Discounted Dock Sections

Dock Sections

Diversified Docks & Lifts is one of Michigan’s largest dealers of floating, modular, and roll in docks, and we have a huge supply of 4 ft. x 8 ft. and 4 ft. x 10 ft. sectional docks on clearance to giving you the chance to enhance your waterfront without having to break the bank to do it! These dock sections have thru-flow, poly-vinyl decking, and are available in your choice of grey or beige. Give us a call at 734-998-DOCK and let us help you save big on your new pier setup.