Find Your Canopy Frame Type

ShoreMaster® Characteristics:

  • Rounded end panels
  • Vent flaps
  • Slight peak in middle
  • Flat bar running the length of the inside, providing a place to attach bungee

Newmans Characteristics:

  • Rounded roof (not straight pitched)
  • Rounded end panels – gazebo-like


Pier Pleasure Characteristics:

  • Flat end panels
  • Peaked roof
  • Slight radius at bottom of the side panels
  • Flat bar on sides and ends for installatio

Porta-Dock Characteristics:

  • Flat end panels
  • Deeper height
  • Flat bar running on ends and sides for installation
  • Not a straight peaked roof, bends partway through

Dock Rite Characteristics:

  • Peak roof, straight
  • Flat end panels
  • Deeper drop on sides
  • Round bar running the length of the sides for attachmen


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    Once the make of the canopy frame has been identified, CLICK HERE to learn how to measure your canopy.


Newmans Rails

Pier Pleasure


Dock Rite Deep Sides Drop

Dock Rite