Shore Station Docks

Genuine Shore Station Piers & Docks

Why choose a Shore Station Dock?

Your dock is the heart of your lake home. It has to stand up to the daily punishment of boats, rough water, the sun, the kids – you name it. It has to do all this and stay trouble-free, so you can relax and focus on more important things… like where the dog hid your flip-flops. That’s the essence of lakefront living. That’s ShoreStation!

Two Distinctive Decking Options

Genuine ShoreStation Dock & Pier sections are available with your choice of Low Maintenance Aluminum or Nostalgic Cedar decking. All hardware and component parts are constructed of the highest quality materials. From the galvanized steel leg frames to the stainless steel cotter keys, everything is designed with durability in mind.

Nostalgic Cedar

Nothing can match the lasting beauty and durability of western red cedar. These sections feature only the finest, beveled-edged cedar planks with matching side-boards for a sturdy, traditional look. Whether you choose to stain your dock, or leave it unfinished, you’ll be amazed by the durability of this natural wonder.

Low Maintenance Aluminum

Our aluminum planking is coated with a durable, sand-beige, powder paint. This non-skid finish is cool to the touch and best of all there are no splinters, no sharp edges and no nails!

Optional Polyvinyl Sideboards
Maintenance-free poly sideboards provide long-lasting good looks and a smooth, flexible cushion to protect your boat.
Optional Cedar Sideboards
Beautiful western red cedar with a soft rolled edge.

Selecting the Leg Style to Fit Your Lakefront

Genuine ShoreStation Dock is available with your choice of Stationary Legs or our Rolling Dock wheels. Above the water they both look the same, but each offers distinct advantages. We also carry a complete line of Shore Station Floating Docks, which is perfect for conditions where the water levels fluctuate frequently.

Stationary Piers
Stationary dock is the most versatile style and perfect for almost any type of lakefront. The foot pads on each of the legs that simply rest on the lake bottom. This allows the dock to work in difficult situations such as steep drop offs and rocky, uneven bottoms. The various leg frame and extension leg combinations allow it to work in water up to 12′ 4″ deep.
Rolling Wheel Docks
Rolling dock offers the ultimate in easy installation for lakes with smooth, gradually sloping shorelines. It has wheels on each of the legs that allow it to be assembled on shore and then rolled in and out of the lake. The various leg frame and extension leg combinations allow it to work in water up to 8′ 7″ deep. ShoreStation Rolling Dock is different from ordinary roll-in style dock in many ways. The smaller 8′ sections offer more versatility when it comes to layout options. The articulated design, with wheels every 8′ also gives it the ability to climb over seawalls, rocks and other obstacles. In addition to all this, the clean, traditional appearance and wide variety of accessories make this dock distinctly ShoreStation.
Floating Docks
Floating Dock is the perfect solution for areas where water levels fluctuate on a regular basis. ShoreStation takes it to the next level, with a safe, stable floating dock system that is loaded with innovative features and stylish accessories.