Wave Armor

Wave Dock by Wave Armor

Modular floating docks

The Wave Dock is a modular floating dock system platform that revolutionizes the way lake home owners and marinas customize their floating dock systems, and is available in an amazing Pebble Beach textured finish, bringing a rich new look to the industry. Wave Dock features a proprietary patented H-Beam Channel Lock System, Wave Dock sections are infinitely modular, assemble quickly, and offer a solid connection platform with just the right mix of rigidity and flexibility. Each Wave Dock floating dock section is 60 inches wide, 120 inches long, and 16 inches tall allowing the system to be easily assembled into the exact configuration needed. With a full line of accessories and custom attachments, the Wave Dock has set the new standard for modular floating dock systems. Click here for more configuration ideas.

Wave Dock Dimensions: 120″ Long x 60″ Wide x 16″ Deep (Fully Assembled Section)

Wave Dock Features:

  • Beautifully Molded Durable Polyethylene construction with built-in UV-Protection.
  • Easy to install Proprietary H-Beam Channel Lock Connection System for hassle-free assembly/disassembly.
  • Rugged, purpose-built dock float with rigid, closed cell foam-filled interior. This float keeps your deck where it is supposed to be, flat on the water.
  • In-mold fastener attachments spaced around perimeter for adding tie-down cleats where you need them.
  • Easy attaching accessories and components including: Wave Port, PWC Ports, Bumpers, Dock Ramp, Pipe Adapters, and Post Attachments, all utilizing the H-Beam Channel Lock attachment system.
  • Backed by a Full 7-Year Warranty!