Starr Boat Lifts & Hoists are just built better!

Starr boat lifts and boat lift accessories are built strong, durable, and safe. Our vertical boat lifts and pontoon hoists are designed with features to make your boating experience dependable and convenient. Manufactured in Quincy, Michigan, Starr aluminum boat lifts are simply the best built aluminum lifts in the industry!

Starr Lifts

Overlapping Cradle Design
Overlaps the entire width of the lift producing the most shallow operating vertical lift in the industry!
Maintenance Free, Full Length, Adjustable, Aluminum Bunks
With a soft vinyl cover, they provide a great alternative to traditional wood. No more torrid wood and worn out carpet to replace during the life of your lift.
Adjustable Legs
Allowing you to conform to the ever-changing and uneven lake bottoms, making it easier to keep your platform level.
Canopy Tensioners
Our canopy tensioners provide continuous tension on to the canopy fabric. This keeps the cover pulled taught giving it a cleaner, and more aesthetically pleasing lake front view.

Starr Lifts

Starr Lifts Come Built to Suit:

  • We produce the basic manual winch option, AC Power, and DC Power Battery options. We customize our lifts to meet the needs of all lake front customers.
  • Starr Wheel KitsStarr boat lift wheel kits provide a fast and easy way to get your lift in and out of the water without having to do all the heavy lifting. Each wheel provides close to 60 pounds of flotation assistance. The wheels are made of heavy plastic and can stay attached to the lift in the water making removal that much more convenient. Our wheel kits also fit most other lifts!

Starr Wheel Kits

Starr hoists are extremely easy to adjust!

Starr lift legs adjust easily with only one hand, with all of the adjustments above the water line, making it easy to get your lift leveled and secured.

Lift Model Weight Capacity Inside Width Lifting Height Leg Length Frame Weight Overall Length
BL35120 3,500 lbs. 120 in. 66 in. 30 in. 460 lbs. 133.5 in.
BL45120 4,500 lbs. 120 in. 66 in. 30 in. 472 lbs. 133.5 in.
PL35120 3,500 lbs. 120 in. 66 in. 30 in. 502 lbs. 151.5 in.
PL45120 4,500 lbs. 120 in. 66 in. 30 in. 472 lbs. 151.5 in.

Need a Canopy?

Starr Lift CanopiesWhether you own a Starr Boat or PWC Lift or one from another manufacturer, Starr Canopy systems have you covered! Come check out our amazing selection of canopy options & styles!

Starr Boat Lift Motors are direct motors that make raising and lower your lift effortless. The Starr unit is simple in design and easy to operate. Raise and lower your boat lift or hoist with the flip of a switch or using the optional remote.

Starr Power Supply Starr Remote Control Starr Wheel Kits


  • Low Maintenance
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Available in DC 12V or AC 110v models
  • Works on lifts up to 5000 lb. capacity
  • Very easy to install
  • 1 year Limited Warranty

The AC 110 volt unit is now available with an inline GFI ground fault interrupt. The 12 volt DC unit runs off your boats battery or a separate 12 volt power source (battery on dock with solar panel). It’s safe and circuit breaker protected. Comes complete with all hardware and wiring.

This is an excellent upgrade for those that have a boat lift of 5000lbs or under, and will allow for easy operation especially for the elderly and younger family members. Comes with all hardware and instructions for installation, and can be installed with basic hand tools.