Marine Construction Service

At Diversified we understand the importance of safeguarding your shoreline against erosion. We are pleased to help you in finding a solution to this problem.  Our seawalls are a time tested structure that removes this worry from your mind. Whether you have heavy ice shift and large wave action, or no ice shift and calm waters. We will be able to find the best way to preserve you waterfront property.

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Steel Sea Walls







 Steel and Galvanized Steel Seawalls

This option of our Seawall products and services, can be used in almost all bodies of water. Large wave action and heavy ice shift will no longer be of any concern to your shoreline. With unmatched durability and strength, Steel Seawalls maintain their structural integrity for 25+ years and remain rust free for that duration of time. Galvanized seawalls, give your shoreline protection, while providing a very clean and uniform look to your waterfront.




Vinyl Seawalls

Better suited for bodies of water that have little no ice shift or large bodies of water that are protected from the ice in some areas. Vinyl is a great alternative to your more conventional options. Being a composite material, it will not rust or rot, and will keep its color for years to come. Giving your shoreline years of eye pleasing protection.











Boulders and Rip Rap Seawalls

This seawall option gives your shoreline a very natural look when preventing erosion. Under-laid by a layer of filter fabric that helps prevent washout. When placed appropriately and watched over boulder seawalls will last for a lifetime.  Boulder seawalls can be made with many types of rock, because no shoreline is the same, each boulder will be placed to fit to your waterfront, giving your waterfront a secure and unique appearance.




Boat Houses



























Cut In Boat Houses
















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