Piling Seawalls

The many types of seawall in use today reflect both the varying physical forces involved in costal erosion as well as the location specific aspects of local climate, costal conditions, and other such conditions like wave patterns. In many situations a steel piling seawall is the secure solution for a shoreline that is subject to heavy ice pressure during winter months. Steel seawalls are also an great choices to for areas that require a higher than average wall. Vinyl seawalls are similar to their steel, are also a very popular  choice. Vinyl piling seawalls are resistant against many issues including UV damage, corrosion, wall rot, cracking, and rust, and are a highly attractive choice for your waterfront.

Stone & Rip-Rap Seawalls

Stone seawalls are an attractive and environmentally friendly way to protect your valuable shoreline, and are perhaps the most common type of seawall in use today. We carefully select and place each stone against a canvas of high quality filter fabric to provide the most secure and beautiful craftsmanship possible. Stone seawalls are a great choice for areas with moderate to low pressure ice buildup.
 A “Rip-Rap Seawall” is the a very common and attractive choice usually used for alongside of riverfront homes. A very cost effective and fantastic looking stone wall, a rip rap seawall can  protect your property from erosion while also providing you with a beautiful and scenic waterfront you will enjoy for a lifetime.