Lakeshore PWC LIfts

Lakeshore PWC Lifts & Hoists

Lakeshore PWC lifts are built to be placed either parallel or perpendicular to your dock. By placing your lift perpendicular to your dock you can save precious space that will allow more PWC’s to have access to your dock. Lakeshore PWC Lifts also feature a distinctive and attractive design that has been engineered for strength and dependability You can also browse through Lakeshore’s Boat Lifts in our Lifts section.

  • 25″ Aluminum Wheel
  • Heavy Duty 225% Oversized Winch for safety and easy cranking.
  • Exclusive Pulley Bar design means longer cable life!
  • Welded bushings.
  • Fully adjustable bunks.
  • Welded Aluminum Constructionmakes this unit easy to assemble, lightweight and will not rust
Model Weight Capacity Max Beam Lift Height Weight
LSC650 800 lb 50″ 28″ 105lbs
LSC964 900 lb 64″ 35″ 150lbs
LSC1264 1200 lb 64″ 35″ 170lbs
LSC750D 700 lb/side 50″/side 28″/side 225lbs