Wave Armor PWC Ports

Wave Port by Wave Armor

Floating PWC Ports

Introducing Wave Port…

Our floating Wave Port, pwc ports are personal watercraft ports designed and engineered to provide the easiest, most attractive way to load and launch your personal watercraft. Wave Port rollers may be added or removed as needed. Foam filled polyethylene is tough, durable and virtually maintenance free.

Wave Ports are available in two widths to meet the needs of both waterfront home owners and marinas. The 6-Ft Deluxe Wave Port offers an extra 6 inches on each side of the platform to easily mount/dismount your PWC, and walk safely to/from the dock. The 5-Ft Deluxe Wave Port is designed to allow side by side ports to fit perfectly into a ten foot slip, maximizing valuable dock space.

Both Wave Ports feature a 12 ft length to fit any size PWC, a bow stop with tie-down cleats, two entrance rollers, and six 12-inch side rollers. Wave Port pwc ports easily attach to our Wave Dock floating dock system, or can also attach to any other system in a front or side mount configuration, utilizing our custom attachment kits.


These floating pwc ports can also be utilized as a stand-alone system when a dock is not required.